The MRHD Board has approved the following recommendations from the Development Committee. 

The Development Committee was formed to work with the communities in enhancing economic and cultural development.  The purpose is to encourage new and current businesses, attract and keep the workforce and enhance the quality of life for everyone.

  • City of Sioux City – Trails within the City ($250,000) and completion of the trail ($1 million) between Larson Park and Chautauqua Park along Interstate 29.  |  1,250,000
  • Bomgaars Ag and Expo Center for the development of an agriculture center to serve the region.  |  1,000,000
  • Cone Park – partial funding for an Ice Rink to be completed in the next year.  |  400,000
  • Siouxland Chamber of Commerce for development opportunities  |  200,000