2014 Grants

Holiday Grants 2014

MRHD awarded four (4) Holiday gifts in December totaling $100,000. The theme was people in need and homeless within our communities.

- The Warming Shelter, Inc. ($25,000)
- Council on Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence ($25,000)
- Welcome Home ($25,000)
- Women Aware ($25,000)

Special Grant

In July MRHD gave a special grant to the Sioux City Transportation and Air Museum to support the efforts to recognize 25 years since the Flight 232 crash.  This recognition will probably be the last and the MRHD Board wanted to assist in this important historical event in Siouxland.

Sioux City Lewis & Clark Interpretive Center/Betty Strong Encounter Center

The Center was awarded $535,000 to operate during 2014.

**Please Note

MRHD received no fees during a portion of the year. Because funding/fees were not received,  grants were limited to $645,000. We are excited about the many opportunities we will assist in providing in the coming year.